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This is more than a "People business". It's a person-to-person relationship - and if we want to establish meaningful connections with people around the world, we need to start by making sure our own employees are understood, respected, and encouraged to achieve extraordinary things.

You are the ones who make our team great.

DIGISELL I can help you explore all kinds of career opportunities and guide you on the path to success.

As a part of a global operation, work within your own community.
That's correct! All current employees have the opportunity to grow and advance their careers by applying for open positions within DIGISELL.


We are aware that customer excellence is the result of a spontaneous climate of mutual aid and cooperation, which is why we place our employees at the heart of our strategy. We strive to help them optimize their potential and thrive at work in order to provide high-level service to our clients.

Training :

With our training programs, you will develop lifelong skills such as empathy, flexibility, attention to detail, and active listening.

You will continuously strengthen your skills and knowledge throughout your journey, with many opportunities for growth.

Amazing workplaces

Dynamic, casual, and diverse work environments.
All employees are in direct contact, whether visually or audibly.

They can easily exchange information, which greatly enhances teamwork efficiency.

Rest rooms

We are committed to a process of improving the well-being of our employees.

We provide a dedicated space for rest and relaxation that will allow you to take a relaxing break between work sessions to decompress and rest.

A guarantee of psychological well-being.

Spaces for training to destress and stay healthy and fit. As health and well-being are a shared responsibility, we offer you an environment conducive to taking care of your health as well as activities that can encourage you to take action. These could include on-site facilities, not only to stay fit, but also to break up the professional routine.

Recognition programs

Calling all ambitious people. We are setting up a recognition program that will ensure our employees feel appreciated, engaged, and motivated to reach their full potential. We are establishing a positive culture where all efforts are rewarded.

recruitment at DIGISELL

All recruiters at DIGISELL have an email address with the domain name DIGISELL, and our employees only contact candidates through their email address. If you receive communication from someone claiming to work for DIGISELL, please check the email address. If the email address is,,, or any other domain not belonging to DIGISELL, or if the email address misspells the name of DIGISELL, it is safe to assume that the recruiter is not an employee of DIGISELL.

DIGISELL is an equal opportunity employer and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion or beliefs, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, military/veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability or any other legally protected characteristic. DIGISELL is committed to creating a dynamic work environment that values diversity and inclusion, respect and integrity, customer orientation, and innovation.

DIGISELL does not charge any fees for processing job applications. DIGISELL does not require candidates to pay to participate in its hiring process in any way. Examples of scams include purchasing a "starter kit," paying to apply, or buying equipment or training.

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Rosali Building, 3rd floor, Kenitra, Morocco.

+212 5 37 39 57 93

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